Special Programs

Jesus Time

Each day the children participate in “Jesus Time.”  During these lessons, the children become familiar with Scripture, lives of the saints, and doctrinal truths through stories, pictures, songs, dance, role play, puppets, videos, and interaction with others.

Religious experiences continue throughout the day at Hayden Child Care Center.  Children are introduced to the existence of their Creator, the beauty of nature, and learn to develop a relationship with Jesus as their Friend, that He will help them and take care of them.  They learn that they can talk to Him anytime, anyplace, and He will hear their prayers.


Once a week, the children at Hayden Child Care Center participate in “Kid-Fit,” a licensed physical education program designed to teach children the importance of building healthy lifestyle habits.

C.A.R.E. Program

Children and Residents Enrichment Program-is our inter-generational program where Seniors from Santa Teresita Manor and Bethany Assisted Living Center get together with the children for crafts, fine arts, and other educational activities.  These help to promote greater kindness and compassion between generations.  It is a source of joy for both the young and young at heart!

Computer Program

Hayden Child Care Center uses computers for  kinder and pre-kinder children as an effective tool to enhance reading and math readiness.

Potty Training

In order to assist parents, potty training is available.