Pre-School / Pre-Kinder

Our Center offers a learning readiness program in a self-paced setting for two through four year old children. Our children learn all they need in order to become successful students in kindergarten and beyond.  The integrated curriculum includes:

Language and Literacy a variety of children’s literature to promote a love of reading. Our daily activities develop reading and writing skills and introduce important literacy concepts. The children are introduced to letters as well as phonics and sight word recognition.

Math Skills an introduction to the world of numbers, including sorting, grouping, counting, and number recognition, as well as foundation in geometric figures.

Social/Emotional Skills – activities that encourage your child to talk, listen, share, take turns, cooperate, and develop good manners as he/she interacts with friends. The children learn the value of giving and receiving feedback, of forgiving, and are given opportunities to develop strong communication skills. Positive reinforcement helps children realize the importance of being a team player and refines skills needed to flourish in a social environment. United with an attitude of faith the children learn that each person is special because God made them and this encourages them to see the need to respect themselves and others.

Creativity and Imaginationdramatic play, music and art activities give every child the opportunity to showcase their abundant creativity. We encourage all children to express their ideas in order to help build confidence, independence and imagination.

Physical Developmentlessons that help the children develop large motor skills-running, jumping, throwing and kicking-and practice fine motor skills, such as writing, drawing, cutting and other activities.

Science/Social Studiesmany opportunities are provided for the children to learn about the exciting world we live in and its wonder. These are introduced through lessons on community helpers, cooking experiences, water and sand play, hands-on-activities that encourage health curiosity and much more.

Play!Play is a vehicle through which the very young child learns and develops.  Play is their work!  Therefore, the children may not have a work paper or art paper to take home each day. The students’ learning experiences take priority over finished products.

In order to assist parents, potty training is now available.